About the Author

I’m a fan of all things dark and creepy. I enjoy the macabre and the bizarre; the fantastic and the impossible.

I’ve always been one of those people who wants to see what’s underneath. I want to see the dark underbelly of things. I want to see the squirming worms and the pale phantoms we all hide from in the dark and quivering with fear under the false security of the blankets on our bed.

The unknown, the creepy, the forbidden … all fascinate me.

I grew up  watching Saturday afternoon matiness on the television filled with buggy eyed alien invaders, Universal monsters and Hammer horror spiced with a touch of BBC Mystery Theater, Monty Python and Bugs Bunny just for good measure.

I read incessantly the stories written by Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Jules Verne, Arthur Conan Doyle and H.G. Wells and I enjoyed every waking moment with them.

So what is this blog about? Gaslights and Ghouls will be a blog about the things that have interested me all of my life: science fiction (of which steampunk is a sub-genre) and horror films; ghost stories, gothic poetry and maybe a slice of my own works or two thrown in for good measure.

Please join me on my little journey as I explore the dark regions of the world everyone else never talks about in polite conversation.  A place where we embrace the monsters we are afraid of as friends. As Boris Karloff once said, “The monster was the best friend I ever had.” So hop up upon the hansom as we travel the cobbled streets of our worst nightmares. Crucifixes and silver bullets, of course, are optional.

Click on the vampire to return home.


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